Group Seminar by Xingzhi Liu


Title: K-Means fingerprint clustering for low-complexity floor estimation in indoor mobile localization

Group Seminar by Bo Zhang


Title: MilliEgo: Single-Chip mmWave Radar Aided Egomotion Estimation via Deep Sensor Fusion

Research Seminar by Dr. Michelle Porter

Title: Mobility and aging – from older drivers to autonomous shuttles Abstract: Dr. Porter’s presentation will briefly cover several studies she has been involved with related to mobility and aging, and more specifically she will highlight findings from studies of older drivers.  To start the first section of her presentation will describe a framework for […]

Group Seminar by Dr. Qixin Wang


Dr. Qixin Wang is invited from HK PolyU to give a talk on technical writing and presentation.

Group Seminar by Dr. Lingyang Chu


Title: Personalized Cross-Silo Federated Learning on Non-IID Data. Abstract: Non-IID data present a tough challenge for federated learning. In this paper, we explore a novel idea of facilitating pairwise collaborations between clients with similar data. We propose FedAMP, a new method employing federated attentive message passing to facilitate similar clients to collaborate more. We establish the convergence […]

Locomotion Control, Style Transfer and Simulation in Character Animation


Abstract: Character animation plays a key role in Games, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) applications. Locomotion such as walking and running, enable characters freely navigate in the virtual environment. In this talk, I will present a collection of classic and state-of-the-art approaches for creating locomotion controllers, simulating locomotion in physics environment, and adding styles […]