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Sensors transform physical phenomena into measurements. Our research endows conventional devices with new sensing capabilities to make them multi-functional, fuse multiple sensing modalities, and design ultra-low or self powered sensing systems.

Wireless Networking

Wireless networks transport data to/from remote sites or distributed devices. Our projects develop vertical solutions in different application domains such as data centre infrastructure monitoring networks, smart home and body area networks.

Mobile Data Analytics

Extracting knowledge from wearable and mobile devices efficiently requires novel data analysis techniques. We develop models to identify activities, unravel whereabouts and behaviour patterns, and characterize physical and mental health conditions of human beings.


The Wireless System Research Group (WiSeR) at McMaster University (previously WiSeR@UH) conducts research of social impacts on a variety of communication, networking, data analytics and system issues in Cyber Physical Systems and social networks.

Our focus is on advancing the fundamental understanding and development of efficient robust solutions. Our projects span core system building blocks, data and network management tools and services, mathematical principles, and application of wireless communication and networking to scientific, industrial and health-care disciplines.

Our research has been supported by NSERC, NSFUH GEAR, and DURIP.

TeamNet: A Collaborative Inference Framework on the Edge

Fang, Yihao; Jin, Ziyi; Zheng, Rong

Informative Path Planning for Mobile Sensing with Reinforcement Learning

Wei, Yongyong; Zheng, Rong

Invariant Feature Learning for Sensor-based Human Activity Recognition

Hao, Yujiao; Zheng, Rong; Wang, Boyu

Active Matching Circuit to Enhance the Generated Power of Triboelectric Nanogenerators

El-Mohandes, Awny M; Zheng, Rong